Code Enforcement

Building permits are a vital aspect in meeting the minimum acceptable standard of codes. Applying for building permits notifies the Code Officer that you are constructing or remodeling a building so that he or she can ensure code compliance, life safety considerations, and ensure that owners receive services they contracted for.

Building permits are required for many remodeling projects, repairs, replacements, new structures, and additions. Before starting any improvement project, please contact the Office of Code Enforcement for permit requirements. Some of the common construction projects requiring permits are listed here. If your project is not listed, be sure to contact office staff to inquire about permitting requirements, which may apply to your project. ALL work requires a permit unless this office informs you otherwise.

In addition, please be advised that all building permits typically take five to seven business days to process.

In addition to building permits, the Code Enforcement Officer also handles the various duties and responsibilities as the Health Officer for the City.

*Any work initiated in the Public Right of Way: The Public Right of Way is from the curb to the property line, which typically can be up to 20 feet from the curb. Some of the permits required to work in the Public Right Of Way are: Tree planting, driveways, grade changes, irrigation, dumpsters and sidewalks. For a complete listing please call (603) 692-9520.

Click here for detailed code information.

Code Enforcement Officer

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Code Compliance Officer

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