Inspections are required at various stages of the construction process. When the project is completely finished a final inspection will be conducted and carried out by all inspectors. When applicable and upon successful completion of this step, a Certificate of Occupancy will need to be applied for.

Types Of Inspections:

  • Temporary Power or Gas
  • Underground Utilities (Power, Water, Sewer)
  • Foundation (Setback, Forms, & Rebar)
  • Building (Wall, Joists, Structural)
  • Plumbing (Drain, Waste & Vent Piping, Water)
  • Mechanical (Ducts, Equipment, & Piping)
  • Electrical (Service &  Wiring)

There are a series of inspections required for major building projects. The homeowner or contractor is typically responsible for the requesting of an inspection. If any questions arise as to what inspections are necessary for your project please call the Office of Code Enforcement at (603) 692-9520.

Inspection Sequence:

  1. Plan Review
  2. Setback / Footing
  3. Structural - Rough
  4. Plumbing - Rough
  5. Electrical - Rough
  6. Mechanical - Rough
  7. Electrical - Final
  8. Mechanical - Final
  9. Construction - Final
  10. C/O Compliance

The rough-in or pre-concealment inspections should be coordinated so that all the inspectors are on site at the same time. All rough-in should be complete and ready for inspection. When you are completely finished a final inspection will be conducted that will be carried out by all inspectors.

Inspection Requests

Inspection requests can be made by calling the Code Enforcement Office at (603) 692-9520. When calling for an inspection please leave the following information: your name, phone number, permit number, address of project, type of inspection and if requesting a morning or an afternoon inspection. Please note that all inspections require at least 24 hours notice.

Current Codes Enforced: 

NH has adopted these codes but with some amendments. To see the amendments please visit the NH Dept. of Safety’s Website.

Copies of the current Codes are availabe for review in the Department of Development Services.